Fencing off pastures

40 000 CZK
40 000 CZK

In the beginning of March 2020. We thank to Jaromir who made the whole fencing together with his friends by their own hands. 

Original text  (spring 2019)

We have rented other hectare of land. Last year we have sown a clover. This year we need to fence it off, so that animals can graze freely in the run.

Work goes slowly due to the lack of people. Bhakta Jaroslav regurlarly comes and tries to finish it. If someone will join him we could make it earlier :-).

Piles from acacia and oak 20 000 CZK
Remaining wood and connection accessories 20 000 CZK
Building a fencing (the more hands, the earlier...) 1 CZK

list of contributors

6.9.2019 Klára a Radek Martens 4 000 CZK
27.8.2019 Radek Maršálek (Balarám dás) 1 000 CZK
16.8.2019 Jan Navrátil 5 000 CZK
30.7.2019 Vlastní zdroje 10 000 CZK
31.5.2019 Viktor Živný 20 000 CZK

We thank a lot all our
contributors for thier support.