Purchase of the 2 hectares land from the State

750 000 CZK
750 000 CZK

Acquisition of this land is strategically important for us for our further development. Establishing self-sufficient communities requires considerable initial investment not only in the soil, so we turn to you to help us with this.

"I am encouraging farm projects everywhere. That is a very important, solid program. So do this enthusiastically and Krsna will be pleased. "

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami


January 2021 - Communicating with state is extremely slow and complicated. We are working on it. 

May 2021 - land which will be exchanged with state for the property we need is purchased. Process of transaction of land with state will take about two years.

Area for feeding cow (our mother) with conversion to one day 821 CZK

list of contributors

1.5.2021 Petr B. 746 100 CZK
17.12.2020 Soňa Vočadlová 2 000 CZK
28.11.2020 Veronika Peterková 1 500 CZK
19.11.2020 Jiří Kupka 400 CZK

We thank a lot all our
contributors for thier support.