Purchase of stone mill

180 000 CZK
180 000 CZK

This spring we plan to acquire and put into operation a flour mill. Following the example of Krisnuv Dvur, who have been experienced millers for many years, we have opted for the Austrian brand "Osttiroler Getreidemühlen", who are unique suppliers of mills with grinding gears made of natural stone. Natural stone is the heart of the mill and ensures a quality flour full of nutrients (unlike industrial grinding units made of metal or artificial stone). 

To start with, we have chosen the 400 MSM, which is a mill whose stones are 400mm in diameter and allow for the grinding of 30 - 40 kg of flour per hour. The mill will also include a classifier, which will allow us to easily sort the milled flour from semolina to smooth. The classifier alone is almost half of the total price. 

This is one of the first steps towards self-sufficiency in grain. Until now, we have mainly used flour from Kršnov Dvor. We have also grown our own grain, but so far we have only used a small mill. This move will help us take our milling to the next level. 

In the next few years (after we have completed the most important construction operations) we would like to convert the mill into an oxen-powered mill.

The ammount mentioned above is only for the purchase of the mill itself. Whatever extra money will be collected they will be used for constructing granaries and other things necessary for the operation of milling. 

list of contributors

7.6.2023 Aleš P. 5 242 CZK
29.5.2023 Přemysl Holub 15 000 CZK
27.4.2023 Petr Šedivý s rodinou 20 000 CZK
20.4.2023 Renata Schlesingerová (Raséšvarí déví dásí) 3 000 CZK
17.4.2023 Tomáš Hromník 500 CZK
17.4.2023 Parama Nayaka 1 008 CZK
14.4.2023 Aleš Janalík 20 000 CZK
13.4.2023 Robert Kosíř 250 CZK
12.4.2023 Mr. Inkognito 8 000 CZK
9.4.2023 Eduard Rebl (Ékéšvara dás) 20 000 CZK
1.4.2023 Lukáš Neradílek 30 000 CZK
14.3.2023 anonym 7 000 CZK
11.3.2023 Prabhupád Bhavan 50 000 CZK

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